Yachts: Millennials billionaires are tending towards charting a superyacht


As the number of billionaires grows according to Forbes, and COVID-19 has added to incentives for avoiding crowds, the multi-billion-dollar global luxury boat industry is rebounding fast after near-paralysis at the onset of the pandemic. Some have seen that their ultra-rich friends who own yachts had a nice time during the pandemic, while they had to lock themselves at home!


“We’re seeing privacy valued more than ever before”


Main yachts brokers agree that on 2021 is significantly outperforming any of the last 12 years. Sales of luxury vessels longer than 30 meters (98 ft) rose over 8% in the first nine months of 2021 from the same period of 2019 pre-pandemic, according to industry publication the Superyacht Group.

Superyachts are the most expensive asset a UHNWI can own, surpassing residential property investments, private aviation, high jewelry, and exclusive collectibles. The cost of a superyacht can range from $10 million second-hand to $600 million new, industry figures show. Over 200 new ones hit the water for the first time this year until September, up from 165 in the same period of 2019,  and some 330 have been ordered to be ready before 2023, the Superyacht Group said.


And with the number of billionaires soaring to 2,755 – 660 more than a year ago according to Forbes – there is clearly money washing around, even as campaigners decry the impact of private yachts, jets and space travel on the environment.


The younger generation—Millennials are tending towards charting a superyacht rather than owning, finding its origin in the sharing culture and economy we currently experience.


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